Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer at McDonald's

The unbelievably hot and humid summer of 2008 will soon bid its farewell. It was fun, but it is also quite a relief to see and feel the rain shower these past few days, giving us cooler weather and a more comfortable good night’s sleep.
Speaking of summer, the little lady had another memorable summer experience this year. She wanted to take singing and painting lessons, but I was not able to find a school that offers the said courses near our area. So instead, I enrolled her in the McDonald’s Summer Kiddie Crew program near my office, just like I did last year.

For only 500 pesos (almost $12), enrollees are entitled to the following:
  1. - Tour around the store and its facilities
  2. - Kiddie Crew uniform – McDonald’s cap and shirt
  3. - Kiddie Crew ID – automatically entitles the bearer to a 10% discount if he/she holds his/her party at McDonald’s within the 1 year period. The bearer also gets an extra free toy whenever he/she buys a Happy Meal.
  4. - Food/Snacks for 5 days
  5. - 3 sets of arts and crafts activities (bag, jewelry box and pen holder)
  6. - Ticket for the grand culminating activity at Star City (with freebies and lots of fun activities)
Great deal, isn't it? I am happy with their program, that is why I am sharing it with you. You might want to include this in your kids/nephews/nieces activity list next year.
During the mini graduation day for all 4 batches, McDonald’s gave out awards and recognition to the participants and surprisingly, the little lady got 3!
Best Kiddie Crew, Best in Counter and Customers’ Choice award
She was really ecstatic when she received those awards. This is definitely one for the books; another memorable experience down in memory lane! :D

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