Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

How time really flies! I guess it is no surprise as to who is going to blow the cake and pig out on ice cream later, huh? :)

So here I am again, basking in the magnificence of being another year older. I made a mental note that I am going to blog about this day, hence this post.

Birthdays have always been special to me. My mom loves to throw parties, that is why as kids, my sister and I were lucky to celebrate our birthday parties every single year. We always look forward to our special day because of the excitement of those yearly celebrations.

Creating Memories

I have fond memories of my childhood birthdays. My dad and I always go to Joni’s Cubao (the only source of delicious cakes that time) to buy my cake with a princess figurine on top, while mom cooks her specialty dishes at home.

Apart from the fun parties I had, I also remember my sister and I fell on a side street canal on my 10th birthday. She was driving our bike then and I was the unlucky passenger. We went home all grimy and smelly a few hours before my party! On my 11th birthday on the other hand, my mom cut my hair super short ala-Demi Moore (like in the movie ‘Ghost’). Oh, I can still recall hating that haircut for almost a year!

Moving forward, when I turned eighteen, I did not have a grand debutante party because a very close uncle that time was diagnosed with lung cancer. I did not feel it was appropriate to party in that situation. He died a week after my birthday. To date, I still consider it the saddest birthday I ever had.

Although it was not really a big deal for me not being able to celebrate my 18th birthday donning a beautiful gown and dancing the waltz with a handsome escort like most girls did, my mom, in an effort to somehow make up for that, threw small parties at home every year.

Now that I have child of my own, I appreciate more the effort that my parents put into creating each and every happy experience, the best way they can.

I realize the value of building happy childhood memories, as it gave me a sense of importance, security, and a feeling of being loved and cared for which I carried all the way to adulthood.

I believe it is an investment that spans a lifetime of benefits.

A Time to be Grateful

Today is another great opportunity to remember the things that I am grateful for. Another day to reflect on how I am blessed beyond what I deserve, how I am surrounded with so much love, and how lucky I am to recognize what God is immensely bestowing upon me.

While writing this, I am crying, laughing and singing. All this reminiscing is making me twice emotional today. It is even raining! Oh, maybe because of the singing, you might say. But nah. It always rains every May 10th of every year. I think it is God’s way of telling me that He remembered my birthday, and a way of blessing this day as well. Rain is also associated with a downpour of blessings, so I therefore claim this bountiful shower into my life with open arms and an open heart.

Happy ? Birthday!

They say you are only as old as how you feel, while others associate age with looks. With the flourishing beauty industry, it is not all about numbers anymore. For them, face value is what matters the most.

I have not done any cosmetic surgery or enhancement and I hope I would not need to in the next few years, at least. Oh well, I wish I never have to, ever.

But of course, when gravity takes its toll, at some point there will definitely be sagging. And when our body takes its natural course, there will be graying, aching, and memory gap – the whole aging degenerating thing. Right now, I can say I am doing a little effort to delay the process by taking supplements, keeping my sun exposure to a minimum, moisturizing, and keeping a positive outlook all the time.

So how old am I again?

Before I answer that, who’s up for some melt-in-the-mouth-makes-you-forget lasagna? :D

P.S. Maybe I can throw in 500 ECs to the one who can guess my exact age. What do you think?