Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tooth Fairy Tale

It was finally off! One of the two upper front milk teeth of my little princess was finally pulled out with a little help from none other than, moi. Good thing she is blessed with a humongous appetite for burgers and pizza, that one big bite on Brothers chicken burger took care of the first ones, while around 4 slices of pizza took care of the upper front tooth.

A little history: her two upper front teeth were already moving since last month. But the two lower front teeth were pulled out earlier, as the permanent ones have already started to emerge. We had to manually move each tooth every now and then to loosen them up, because I was already getting paranoid that the new ones will not be aligned properly with the milk teeth still strong and present.

While brushing her teeth a couple of nights ago, she told me that she thinks the Tooth Fairy has long been waiting for the upper tooth to fall off. Knowing that the more fuss I make, the more psychologically painful it would seem for her, so I felt the tooth and just quickly pulled it out without warning. It was painless, not necessarily bloodless, and she was happy.

She has a new tooth to trade with the Tooth Fairy!

In the Philippines, the Tooth Fairy is not as popular and well-publicized as good old St. Nick (aka Santa Claus). But being the voracious reader that she is, the little lady learned about the Tooth Fairy in one of her books. She was so amused with the reward system, and had looked forward to losing her first tooth from then on.

So what did she get for the two lower teeth? A crisp $1 dollar bill and a P50 peso bill (current conversion: $1 = P41). As for the front tooth, she was rewarded with a Hello Kitty toy from Mc Donald’s.

I took a lot of toothless photos of her and kept her loose teeth along with the navel clamp she had when she was still a baby (yup, I still have it!), inside a wallet. It is such a waste to see the milk teeth go, as they were still good teeth without cavities. But I guess it was really time for them to move out because the little lady is already turning 7, this August (which reminds me, I still have to plan for her party! But that’s another story).

As for the Tooth Fairy, I think she’ll be around until the last milk tooth falls. And when the little lady grows a little older, maybe I can already tell her the secret that she is related to the Tooth Fairy, after all. :)