Thursday, April 10, 2008

Entre… What?

A lot of raves are doing the rounds lately in the blogosphere about EntreCard, and the wonder it does in bringing traffic to one’s site. I am just too glad that I became a part of it pretty early in my blogging stint, and has benefited from the practice of ethical reciprocity in its good community.

For the benefit of some who are not yet familiar with EntreCard, it is basically a social advertising network that grants you a digital card that you can drop into other blogs’ widget, and functions pretty much like a business card. Most of the members reciprocate by visiting your blog and dropping on your widget too. The system is mutually beneficial because both the dropper and the receiver get points for participating, which they can later use for advertising, exchange for cash, or getting other cool stuff at the EntreCard shop.

I usually drop around a hundred per day, but there was a particular day last week that I have dropped almost 300 cards! I don’t know what has gotten into me that I lost track of time and just visited one blog after the other. I guess that earned me this status in the community: “A dedicated dropper, with a hint of addiction.” Cool, huh?

Well, it was actually a good thing that I’ve seen and read a lot of blogs because I stumbled upon articles that included my blog among the list of regular EntreCard droppers. Thanks to Wangbu of Hulag, for including me in the famous EntreCard Drop Wall and Lisa of Lisa C Writes (to name a few) for the lovely articles you wrote. I really appreciate the special mention.

Apart from getting new messages in the widget after dropping a card (from the usual “Thanks!”, when you reach 50, it will say “Go!Go!”, then “Alright!” on the 100th drop, “Wicked!” on the 150th, “Yeehah!” when you reach 200 and "Awesome" thereafter), there was a recent update about the advertising system that did not make everyone happy. According to them, “this new pricing system will give a more accurate representation of supply and demand for different people’s advertising spots. It no longer has anything to do with drops, but is now based solely on how many other people want an ad on your site.” To learn more about this, please visit the EntreCard Blog.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t registered yet, then it’s high time that you do! You are missing out on the additional free traffic that it can drive to your site, plus the opportunity of meeting bloggers from all over the world and learning something new from their respective blogs.

So catch it while it's hot! After all, registration is for FREE.

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