Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrity Crushes

Whew! What a tag...

Hailey shared with me this tag. Thanks so much girl!

It is hard to choose among all the gorgeous men in the world!

INSTRUCTION: List men you dream about, occasionally drool over and go gaga for. He may be a Hollywood hottie, a local celebrity, a politician, an Asian superstar or even an anime character!

It’s up to you how you narrate your stories but there are two rules:

1.Post pictures (I want to see what is all the hotness about),

2. Keep the linky linky alive (Tip, highlight the text which has links, right click and choose View Selection Source and just copy the HTML). Link the post where you wrote about the topic so women can find more drool-worthy men. (You might need to publish and then edit the entry first).

The LIST is totally up to you. Here is mine!

1. Tom Cruise - I totally love his boyish charm. Melts my heart everytime!

2. Brad Pitt - Glorious, glorious body!

3. Pierce Brosnan - Oh, with his charm, he can get away with anything!

4. Alec Baldwin - Suave, cool and classy!

5. Benicio Del Toro - Wild, dangerous and mysterious which makes him oh so sexy!

6. Dermot Mulroney - Fell for him first in "My Bestfriend's Wedding."

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I'm tagging Ris, Shimumsy, Joy, Yums, Ruby, Lorelie, and CC. Enjoy! :D