Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Notebook(s)

Yesterday, I whisked myself to a mall somewhere after a stressful month of having to deal with pretty heavy emotional stuff, primarily that of my family’s state of health. Everyone is getting sick all around. Age-related, heart-related, work-related, and what-have-you. I’m not going to be surprised if I hit the bed one of these days, too (knock on wood! I’ve been out of the office for so long).

Anyways, back to my de-stressing R and R at the mall, I was fortunate enough to find what I was looking for on my first stop to a gift shop. I was excited (and quite imagining) the day before, to look for a thick hard bound notebook that will serve as my ‘ideas’ diary that I can carry around wherever I go. My mind is so loaded with a lot of ideas that I desperately need to doodle them in paper, otherwise they will be lost somewhere in between my subconscious and superconscious states (? I know I read about this somewhere). I’m already having memory gaps and my good old think bank is not as reliable as it was last year. Aging, can’t stop it, you know.

So back to the notebook. Or notebooks, for that matter.

I got myself three of them. Three pretty designs- butterflies, stars and flowers. I made a mental note that 1 or 2 would surely go to an equally enthusiastic doodler, my 6 year old princess, so I really need to get all 3 of them. I got them very cheap for only P50 each, and they are the type that sells for P100 and up at the regular bookstore. Oh, I just love great buys!

Today I wrote on the butterflies notebook some random thoughts I got in my head (diary style), and wrote my ideas on the stars notebook. It felt like in my younger days, when I would always find comfort in writing or drawing rather than going out. I decided to give Chestene the one with floral design, thinking she’d love it because she adores flowers anyways. When the youngster saw what I got, tears flowed easily because the butterflies had been taken. Talk about same taste, eh? So mommy had to tear the first few pages and exchange.

Ahh, the things we do for our children ranges from the simplest to the most complex imaginable sacrifices. Well, she was happy and it was all well worth it.

By the way, she keeps 5 or so diaries in different sizes. She was the one who actually inspired me to write again, watching her put her thoughts into words. Maybe I can share some of her entries here soon, until she’s old enough to have her own blog (in a year or so, that is).

Well, so much for the notebook(s).