Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Requirement for Google Adsense Publishers

While blog-hopping, I came across a post about Google's new inclusion and requirement in its TOS, which was released last month- a Privacy Policy that "advises visitors specifically about cookies and web beacons."

I'm not sure if all publishers are aware of this, by now. It's a fact that not everybody reads the TOS or Program Policies, moreso, to check if revisions have been made. They are just too long to read.

But when Adsense earnings are at stake, of course, everyone must take heed.

At first, I thought that since I'm using Blogger, and it has its own Privacy Policy (not to mention it's from Google!), I'm already covered. But apparently, even Bloggers, must have their own individual Privacy Policy, just to be sure not to be in direct violation of the TOS.

So I posted mine, silly as it may look in my previous post. I created a link for it in the side bar and in my template footer. Hopefully, this will suffice.

For a more detailed view on this new Google Adsense requirement, along with other new revisions on the TOS, check this very useful article by JenSense.