Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Monday Blues

My eyes are unusually tired today. I don’t know if it is due to the fact that I’ve been staring too long in front of the computer monitor, or due to another reason I don’t want to entertain just yet, more so, accept.

No, it’s not about growing old! That’s another story. =)

Last week, the little lady caught virus from school that gave her an infected left eye. FYI, children don’t only get education in schools, they also catch all kinds of viruses! Not to mention nits and lice, to name a few. *sigh*

All the while I thought it was just irritated from the occasional scratching, whenever her eyes get tired from watching too much TV (you know how ‘clean’ kids’ hands are, unless you tell them to wash it every now and then). When the redness didn’t go away after 2 days of some Eye-Mo treatment, we had her taken to the doctor for a check-up. There, it was confirmed that she has sore eyes!

No doubt, summer has officially arrived because sore eyes usually flourish during this season.

Psychologically affected, my eyes started to feel itchy upon hearing the confirmation. But I shunned away the thought and moved on with her 6 times a day ophthalmic dropping session, until yesterday, when my left eye started to feel strange and snowy.

I’ve been religiously wearing my computer glasses lately. It’s supposed to help me with the slight astigmatism I got from sleepless freelancing gigs and computer eye strain. Got it a few months back, but it’s only now that I use it regularly, after having headache fits recently. So I thought, since I’ve been wearing my eyeglasses, the strange eye feeling could be from the dreaded virus. The little lady sleeps with me, so surprise, surprise!

While it is yet to be confirmed, maybe this afternoon… maybe tonight… oh, hopefully not, but just to be on the safe side, I already dropped on each of them this morning.

So let’s just wait and see.


P.S. This is her artwork for the day. Did it in a flash, and handed it to me while I'm working in the computer, along with the words "I love you, mommy!" Isn't she the sweetest? =)