Sunday, March 16, 2008

Getting paid on MyLot

When the internet first made waves in the Philippines, I was one of those who rented the first cybercafes in Glorietta for P90/hour, just surfing and surfing the hours away after office. Internet is such an exciting world that I can't seem to get enough of it. It has become addicting, to the point of upsetting my then, tightly budgeted daily allowance, and draining my wallet in the process.

My constant surfing led me to search for ways on how to earn through the internet without investing cash.I don't remember how long I've been fascinated with the 'get paid to' programs. I joined a lot, and have been disappointed with each one of them because it always seem to take forever to reach payout. So I lost interest, stopped, and just forgot about them altogether.

Until a year or two after, stumbling upon MyLot, a community that gets paid for starting and responding to discussions, I found a renewed interest in the internet money-making business and gave it a quick try.

MyLot has 122,952 members to date, and still growing. Surprisingly, a good chunk of it are Filipinos. How much one earns per post depends on a unique system that computes based on specific requirements. So unlike other programs, there's no flat rate per post. I've been paid twice already and currently excited awaiting my third. They also pay you to add images along with your posts. I know it's not much, but it still adds to your daily earnings.

Apart from earning extra, the good part is that I made friends along the way. It's a fun and stable program that PAYS. No hypes, no big promises. Just make quality posts and you're well on your way to your first payout.

If you want to be apart of the community, JOIN MYLOT NOW!