Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Day I Painted My Nails RED, Again…

Just before sleeping the other night, I remembered I grabbed a bottle of red nail polish during one of my quick trips to the neighborhood drugstore, Mercury Drug. So while my little princess was doing some tidying up in bed after some disgruntled resistance (putting away her dolls, books, magazines and other toys), so we can move comfortably and have a good night’s sleep without all the clutter she made that afternoon, I took the opportunity to do a little painting.

Coat the middle, the sides, repeat 3 times, and voila! It only took me less than 5 minutes to do my manicure. I’m not the type who goes to the salon regularly to get a 'cure'-- manicure, pedicure, what-have-you cure, or even a haircut. I’m such a low maintenance gal when it comes to that. Maybe I’m just too lazy to take the trip.

Well, no, not really.

Maybe I just don’t like all the cuticle-pushing, ingrown-cutting torture that one goes through (not to mention being 'murdered', at times), before finally getting the nails polished. If I can have it done without all the trouble and pain, I’d rather do it myself. That also applies to hair dyeing, hair spa or hot oil. Though I admit it’s quite relaxing to have someone massage my head, for a change-- and, of course, for a fee.

A few years back, when I was still in a high profile job, I change the color of my nails as often as I change my corporate clothes. I like the shades of copper, rust, pink, and of course, red-- I’ve always been in love with red. A lot of people say that I have beautiful hands, with long candle-like fingers (See for yourself, and tell me if you agree =). I don't really flaunt it, I'm just glad I have a nice pair.

When I became a mother and devoted my time to the little princess, one of the little luxuries that I had to give up was painting my nails. There's just sooooo much to do, and sooooo little time. Besides, it's not practical to have nail polish when you change nappies and wash poopies more than 5 times a day, right?

Psyched up as it may seem, but after painting my nails red, I felt a sudden rush of inspiration and confidence. I don’t know how a simple thing can do this much to lift my mood.

Maybe, it’s the color. Red is such a powerful color. It also means passion. And currently, I’m lacking passion in some areas of my life that has become monotonous and downright boring. I need some zest. A little fire, perhaps. I need to start living my life again with the overflowing enthusiasm of a one year old, starting to walk and ready to explore the world.

Just by looking at my red nails, I am reminded to try something new... do something productive... be passionate about my work.


And all these I get, from a 20-peso bottle of red polish.

Some may call it vanity. I call it empowerment.